Getting Started

Switching On and Off

Before using Thymio II for the first time, you should charge it as described below.

  • To switch Thymio II on, touch the round button that lies in the centre of the four arrow buttons until the robot makes a sound and turns green. Then you can select a behaviour as described later in this page.
  • To switch Thymio II off, proceed as for switching it on, touching the round button until the robot no longer shows any colour.



You can recharge Thymio II by plugging it into a computer with the micro-USB cable provided in the box. We strongly advise Windows users to download the Aseba program that will install the drivers on your computer.

If you own a standard micro-USB charger, for instance for your mobile phone, you can connect Thymio II to it to recharge the robot. The charging will be faster than using the computer. You can also employ a solar charger, should it provide a standard micro-USB plug.


When Thymio II is being charged, a red light appears close to the micro-USB connector. If Thymio II is running, the battery level also increases. Should you shut down Thymio II, the charging will continue.

When the charging is completed, a blue light appears close to the micro-USB connector.

Pre-programmed behaviours

The Thymio comes with several pre-programmed behaviours. These are always available in the robot. To select one, simply start the robot and select a colour by touching one of the arrow buttons, then touch the centre button to start the behaviour. While in a behaviour, you can touch the centre button again to return to the behaviour-selection menu.

Friendly (green)
Explorer (yellow)
Fearful (red)
irprox.png accelerometer.png
Investigator (cyan)
Obedient (purple)
Attentive (blue)
micro.png irprox.png
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