Contribute to Aseba/Thymio II

This page is a resource directory for Aseba/Thymio contributors.


The development of Aseba takes place on servers such as github (source-code repository and bug tracker) and gna (mailing lists). These servers providing collaborative facilities for open-source projects. Furthermore, help is always welcome for answering questions on the forum.

Thymio II

Thymio II is closely linked with Aseba and its development uses the same facilities as Aseba does. Moreover, your help is welcome to answer questions on the thymio-specific mailing lists (en, fr). If you are an educator interested in working with us, please join the education mailing list.

Other robots


The pages are currently translated in seven languages: French, German, English (UK spelling), Spanish, Italian, Chinese (simplified), and Catalan. You are welcome to contribute to the translation process. If you wish to translate into another language, please contact us on the developer mailing list.

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