Keeping the Wiki translations up to date

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Keeping the Wiki translations up to date

Why this page

As many people edit the Wiki, some translations will always lag behind. However, with good organisation these can be kept to a minimum. This page lists pages awaiting translations or translation updates.

If you have not yet done so, please look at the contents of the general page on contributions, in particular the page about Wiki organisation.


To keep the editing of the Wiki fluent, if you do a non-trivial modification (content change instead of correction) to a page that is not work in progress1, please tag it with untranslatedXX, untranslatedYY, … with XX and YY being all languages except the ones you know the page has been translated to. For instance, if you write a new page in French, you should add the tags untranslateden, untranslatedde, untranslatedes, untranslatedit, untranslatedzh, untranslatednl ,untranslatedpt. If you see that such tags are missing, please add them. If possible, create new pages in English first.

If you start a translation that could take some days, please create the target page, mention in the page with a short text that the translation is in progress, remove the untranslatedXX tag and tag the new page with inprogress. Note that you can see the work of other contributors on the page showing all recent changes. You can also cross check for pages lacking translations and not correctly tagged, by using this report.

Mobsya, the association producing the Thymio, contributes to the community by monitoring some critical pages, ensuring they are up to date. You can of course contribute to these pages as well!

How to translate a page concretely

If you want to translate a page, you may be in two different situations:

1. The page doesn't exist in your language

Here, it's easy. Just copy the content of the page with the "untranslatedXX" tag in your language page and start translating directly what you copied. Your page will the be up to date. Be careful not to copy the images or files that are on the original language page, just change the links to make them aim for the original language page.

2. The page already existed and another language has been updated

Here, we advice you to open two browsers, one with the updated page and one with your language you want to update. Then, skim through the page and look for differences. You can also use the "History" link on the bottom of the updated page and use the tool to compare the page before and after modification. It will then highlight what has been changed.

Anyway, you will find more info on how to modify a page here:


The XX:_template pages are used to set the general appearance of pages. For example the page manages the English template. It contains:

  • The language selection links on the top left of pages
  • The Get a Thymio orange button
  • The top links
  • The side links
  • The core content of pages

The top and side menu are displayed following the tags of the page. The pages have a section tag (to display the correct top orange link) and a page tag (the parent page to display the correct orange link on the side).

Please do not modify the template without asking the help of the community on the forum first.

To add a new language

To add a new language with code XX, you have to:

  • add a new link on the top-left of the pages. In order to do that, you have to edit all the template files (for every language)
  • then add a page XX:_template. Copy the content of page en:_template there.
  • Translate the side and top links in the XX:_template page. Change also the links so that they link to the correct language. For example, if you take en:_template as example, all links will direct to en:nameofthepage, you have to change them to direct to XX:nameofthepage with XX your new language.
  • then start translating pages into the XX: namespace, such as XX:thymio for instance.

Front pages untranslated

If front pages (meaning pages you can arrive on with the top and side links) are not all translated in the correct language, please put this piece of code in the page (or on the top):

[[include untranslated]]

This will include the content of the page inside the untranslated page. It will allow people to arrive on an actual page and will tell them that the page is not yet translated. It will also guide people towards this page to help them translate page if they want.

Pages with content needing translation

to English

to French

to German

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to Spanish

to Italian

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to Dutch

  • FAQ - en:thymiosupport - Podge15 - 17 Apr 2019 12:06

to Chinese (simplified)

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to Portugese

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