Roadmap for Wiki content

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Roadmap for

Here is a list of enhancements we want to bring to the wiki. Feel free to add a point you would like to discuss and subscribe to the mailing list Thymio to send us a mail (that's how we discuss ideas ;o)

Outstanding issues

General rule about untranslated pages

[16/12/2015] Pages that have a link on the top or on the left (page in "first line") should be created even if not translated at least in IT, DE, EN and FR. Instead of translating them, we should put this message:

This page is not translated in your language for now. Please look for other available languages on the top left of the page. Thanks for your understanding!

If you want to be a Thymio translator, go on

School section

[16/12/2015] The "School" page should be completely re-thought. With more and more schools doing stuff with the Thymio, this page should be a portal to their activities. In particular, it should link to the activites of IniRobot in addition to the activities of Mobots. The important element is to allow teachers to quickly find the information that is meaningful for them, and thus it is not only about linking third party resources, but organising them and linking to specific useful elements if these exist.

Thymio page

[16/12/2015] The Thymio page has to be updated. Here is a proposition.

Creations page

[16/12/2015] The Creations page has to be updated. First, we should redo all the classical creations with the form so that we could display and rearrange them much easier. This work would take approximately 10 to 20 hours. This will be assumed by Mobsya.


[16/12/2015] A home page that could guide people through the wiki could be a good improvement. Here is a proposition.

In terms of look, the idea would be to have strong images with very little text. Here are the developed ideas:

  • What is Thymio
  • The easy Visual Programming Language VPL
    • (we could have a timeline of use from pre-programmed behaviours to text prog. going by VPL. Something visual!)
  • The text programming one
  • The fact that numerous schools have chosen Thymio
  • The fact that we have a creative and active community
    • (With links and exhibit of creations of the community)

This page won’t have side links so as to be able to display better the images. It will however have the top links (sections). Here is a proposition.

Reference documentation page

[16/12/2015] The idea was to create a page in which we would put links towards precise reference documentation such as the Aseba syntax, VPL blocks meaning, etc. Here is a proposition. To be enhanced.

Join the community page

[16/12/2015] This page has been redone in French and English to display better what we can do in the community and to be a bit more user friendly. Here is the page.

Feedbacks have been given, mainly on the choice of the images that was not good enough and didn't explain clearly what was behind these links. To be enhanced.

Crowdfunding page

[23/12/2015] The page about the crowdfunding is parented to the project page but is not linked. We should find a way to link it somewhere.

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