Twitter Hash Tags

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Twitter Hash Tags

This page lists the hash tags used on Twitter regarding the Thymio project.

These are the main tags, to be used always:

  • #Thymio - anything related to Thymio, both development and use
  • #thymioDev - anything related to development (code, activities, visuals) around Thymio
  • #thymioEdu - anything related to education (uses in class, activities from teachers…)
  • #aseba - related to Aseba (releases and other software elements)

These are product-specific tags to be used in specific context if space permits:

  • #ThymioChallengePack - Related to Thymio Challenge Pack (hints, new activities, show your results…)
  • #thymioVPL - related to the visual programming language
  • #thymioSimulator - related to the Thymio being simulated in Aseba Playground
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