Adventures in Robotics

Adventures in Robotics

Proposed by Technology in Learning

Where: Zurich, Switzerland

Public: Teachers

Age: Public Schools: 1. KiGa - 3. Klasse

When: Now

Price: Free Introduction to Robotics Workshop

Technology in Learning (with support from the Raspberry Pi Foundation) is currently offering a free Introduction to Robotics session, part of their Adventures in Robotics workshop for 1. KiGa to 3. Klasse. The single session covers the basics of the Thymio II and its pre-programmed behaviours.

The workshop is designed for the teacher to participate in the session, and provide language support for further clarification of topics discussed with the students. Teachers also receive a pre and post workshop activity sheet, and have the option of additional workshops from the Adventures in Robotics curriculum at a discounted rate.

Link to more info, contact email: hc.gninraelniygolonhcet|ofni#hc.gninraelniygolonhcet|ofni

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