USB Wall charger for Thymio

Thymio II follows the European directive concerning chargers for portable devices, such as telephones, MP3 players, etc. Thus most chargers provided with recent mobile telephones are compatible with Thymio II. The connector must be of type micro-USB and the voltage must be 5V.

Ideally the charger would deliver 5V DC and 1000mA, but Thymio II can also be charged with less or more powerful chargers as long as the voltage is correct.

On the market there are a number of USB wall chargers which can replace the USB connection on a PC, and the charging process will go more quickly because the robot can detect a well-designed charger which follows the standard and will draw a maximum current of 1000mA whereas a PC can only deliver 500 mA.

We have tested different reasonably priced compatible wall chargers:

Another example is the Belkin USB charger (Power Adaptor model #F8Z222ea) which costs 19.90 in Migros.

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