Thymio II and hot glue technology

This is a brainstorming page to discuss about the use of hot-glue in conjunction with Thymio II.

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The advantages of this combination:
- the shell of Thymio can be replaced at low cost. Small limitation: the speaker is glued to the upper half shell and the battery to the lower half shell.
- hot glue allows fast construction of structures and allows managing flexibility.
- hot glue can be deformed into any shape of structure.
Other advantages????

- Robots made by students with hot glues
The pictures and videos were recorded in the class "Bio-Inspired Motor Control" at ETH Zurich, 2012.


The robot made above could perhaps be built with Thymio using the following structure:

Thymio could also be inversed. An issue in this type of use could be the power of the motors, not as powerful as a servo. In this specific example using both motors together could help…

With Thymio we can log the speed and make a graph of it. Useful? Also available in other environments or new here?

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