Typology of objects to be produced

Production Process

The project provides in a first step the forming of a tenth different examples, through the following stages:

  • Conceive an interesting application: the most educational or recreational possible and that requires 1-2 key accessories.
  • Conceive accessory in 3D so they can be easily printable, reliably and as fast as possible with both additive and subtractive techniques
  • Included in the design of customization options when it looks interesting, with a few examples of personalization
  • Print, test, and improve the accessory to achieve a sufficient quality to spread, with the support of the WASP team
  • Document the sample / design accessory on the wiki

Accessory Ideas

In this section we collect the ideas derived from various brain-storming sessions.
Description Sketch
Cable winder to attach to the wheel to make funicular railways, cranes, etc. avvolgitore.jpg
Structure for suspending Thymio with cord-winder, spiderman :-) suspended.jpg
Support for rotating turret to attach accessories like thymioecomagic torrella.jpg
Attaching accessories to the side aggancio-laterale.jpg
Generic Snap on wheel aggancio-ruota.jpg
Toe link and hands to be fastened to the sides
Little cart to hook behind.
Various models of wheels, more prominent, larger.
Feet to be fixed to the wheels.
Support for smartphones to use as a remote camera
Front Caliper
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