Playground Barcelona

A model of the German Pavilion, Barcelona, 1929, by Mies van der Rohe. See

<!DOCTYPE aseba-playground>
<!-- plan of the German Pavillion, Barcelona, 1929, by Mies van der Rohe -->
<!-- see -->
<!-- created 2012.09.26 by Vlad Atanasiu -->


    <!-- colors definitions -->
    <color name="wall" r="0.9" g="0.9" b="0.9"/>
    <color name="water" r="0.2" g="0.6" b="1"/>

    <!-- playground topology -->
    <world w="600" h="276" color="wall"/>

    <wall x="359" y="240" l1="481" l2="74" h="11" color="wall"/>
    <wall x="506" y="24" l1="189" l2="51" h="11" color="wall"/>
    <wall x="192" y="180" l1="224" l2="5" h="11" color="wall"/>
    <wall x="402" y="162" l1="113" l2="5" h="11" color="wall"/>
    <wall x="361" y="125" l1="10" l2="68" h="11" color="wall"/>
    <wall x="338" y="89" l1="99" l2="5" h="11" color="wall"/>
    <wall x="455" y="133" l1="62" l2="5" h="11" color="wall"/>
    <wall x="513" y="125" l1="5" l2="87" h="11" color="wall"/>

    <wall x="127" y="66" l1="228" l2="107" h="0.01" color="water"/>
    <wall x="562" y="124" l1="43" l2="123" h="0.01" color="water"/>

    <!-- robots initial positions -->
    <e-puck x="373" y="25"/>
    <e-puck x="50" y="140"/>
    <e-puck x="445" y="110"/>

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