Go Wireless

You have a Thymio? Upgrade it and make it Wireless!

The good news about Wireless Thymio is that it is retro-compatible! If you have a Thymio and want to free it from its USB cable, you just need a DIY wireless kit containing:

A module A dongle User manuals and sticker

For your Thymio to go Wireless, you will have to do two things:

  1. Upgrade the firwmare of your Thymio with the firmware V9 or above
  2. Only after the upgrade, open your Thymio, solder the module and close the robot again

The following video shows you how to perform this manipulation.

Warning, this procedure should be done only if you have experience in electronics and soldering. Any damage caused to the robot due to incorrect manipulation will cancel the robot's warranty. Mobsya association cannot be held liable for any accident, damage, or injury

Warning, a small proportion of the existing Thymio cannot be upgraded! Thymio robots sold before May 2012 are not compatible. To check whether your robot can become a Wireless Thymio, simply flip it and look between the wheels:

Not compatible, versions produced before May 2012
Thymio has an embossed inscription between the wheels: "design epfl/├ęcal/mobsya"
Compatible, versions produced after May 2012
Thymio is smooth and has a sticker with a barcode
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