e-puck kit

There exists an Aseba firmware for the e-puck, its source tree lies here, along with compilation instructions.

We provide an pre-compiled kit. To install Aseba on your e-puck, download it and execute the following steps:

  • flash epuckBTseteventfilter.hex to the e-puck.
  • put the e-puck's selector on zero, reset e-puck, all LEDs should be on.
  • flash epuckaseba.hex to the e-puck.

Then you can connect to the e-puck using Bluetooth (instructions for Linux).

  1. Scan for devices:
    • hcitool scan
  2. Once you see an entry for your e-puck with its name, such as 10:00:E8:6C:A1:B5 e-puck_1980, bind an rfcomm port to it, as shown in this example:
    • sudo rfcomm bind 0 10:00:E8:6C:A1:B5
  3. Then connect to a serial target corresponding to this port, for instance:
    • asebaswitch -d -v "ser:device=/dev/rfcomm0"
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