Crowd funding wireless Thymio

Being an open-source project, we aim at a variety of funding sources. In the period from June 2nd, 2015 to August 2nd, we ran a funding campaign on the Wireless Thymio on Indiegogo. This campaign successfully raised 24,709 Euros, allowing us to launch the production of the Wireless Thymio.

Why a crowdfunding campaign ?

For several months now, we have been developing a new feature for Thymio : The possibility to program it wirelessly ! No more annoying cable ! The good news is that this new feature is compatible with most existing Thymio* !

*(more details underneath)

The development is almost finished, we only have a few software questions left open. Mobsya association starts this crowdfunding to kickstart the production process and allow you to be the first ones to receive a Wireless Thymio !
The funds will be used for the starting fees, the certification, the tooling, etc.

What is a Wireless Thymio ?

It is a Thymio inside which a small electronic module is inserted, allowing the robot to communicate with a USB dongle connected to your computer.

Thymio Module Dongle

What is the purpose of this ?


With a Wireless Thymio, you will be able to :

  • leave Thymio where it is at the moment and program it remotely
  • keep a link with Thymio at any time

Who manages this project ?


Mobsya association handles the production and diffusion of Thymio. It also manages this crowdfunding campaign. Mobsya is also at the centre of the collaboration between the different partners in the development of the Thymio project.

Can my Thymio be turned into a Wireless Thymio ?


During this crowdfunding campaign, you will have the possibility to upgrade your robot to Wireless Thymio. In order to do this, we strongly advise that you choose the 70  EUR perk, which includes an upgrade done by Mobsya association.

After the campaign, we will create points of service for Thymio upgrades, if possible with the existing Thymio resellers.

Warning, a small proportion of the existing Thymio cannot be upgraded! Thymio robots sold before May 2012 are not compatible. To check whether your robot can become a Wireless Thymio, simply flip it and look between the wheels:

Not compatible, versions produced before May 2012
Thymio has an embossed inscription between the wheels: "design epfl/├ęcal/mobsya"
Compatible, versions produced after May 2012
Thymio is smooth and has a sticket with a barcode

Can I upgrade my robot myself to Wireless Thymio ?

If you have a good knowledge of electronics and know how to use a soldering iron, you can do the procedure yourself.


Warning, this procedure should be done only if you have experience in electronics and soldering. Any damage caused to the robot due to incorrect manipulation will cancel the robot's warranty. Mobsya association cannot be held liable for any accident, damage, or injury

You will receive information on the procedure to follow for the upgrade upon purchase of a DIY kit.

Any questions ?

Feel free to ask any question you might have on the Thymio forum; we opened a new category for the Crowdfunding:

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