Thymio the Knight

Thymio the Knight

by Christophe

Done with 2 Thymio


Text programming, LEGO, Handcraft, Game

Advanced projects using LEGO® elements

Multiple Thymios

This experiment was designed for "La Cité des Jeux", a toy fair in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The idea was to have a game inspired by the medieval jousts. Two Thymios were stacked one on top of the other using some LEGO bricks. One Thymio was the horse while the other one was the knight.

With a Thymio remote controller, we could start the game by pressing on the GO button. The horse then starts to gallop but doesn't do it really straight, we had to control its trajectory using the left and right arrows. Then, the knight had to lower his spear so that he could catch the ring at the end of the track. To do that, we had to click on the up and down arrows of the remote controller.

We also added some horse noise using the microSD card reader of the "horse" Thymio.

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