Thymio II - The Maze Runner

Thymio II - The Maze Runner

by Federico

Done with 1 Thymio



Robotics algorithms

I have drawn the Maze on the paper before creating it with dutch tape on the floor.
Then, with VPL, I have written a program for solving the Maze (with the help of my dad).
To start, touch the central button.
The Thymio detects the "walls" with ground sensors and avoid to cross it:
When the wall is on the left, it turns right.
When the wall is on the right it turns left.
When the wall is in front the algorithm makes Thymio to turn once right and the next time left, by using status variables (see yellow lights on the top), till to find the exit.
To stop, touch the back arrow.
The video shows how much the algorithm is effective.

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