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The contributor centre is in English only.

In construction

It would display general information on the wiki, what is it (we could merge the content of these two pages : and Tell people about the diferent languages, what people can actually do to help. Then, a couple of links:

Create a page

If you want to create a page and you don't know how, you can look at the tutorial.

And if you have a question about creating a page or editing one, go ask it on the forum

External references

Links towards the organisation of this particular wiki

The useful links to be kept

Mobsya association and the wiki

Pages maybe not useful anymore

The attic contains about 80 pages, they are listed on the bottom of this page:
These are pages that are kept for archive. One problem is that they are accessible through search. In order to clean the wiki, I propose to delete them all on the 1st of August 2015. To this date, we can have a look at them and see if we need to keep some information or not. We could also take printscreens of the parts we want to keep as archive and store them in one and only one page (the attic for example).

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